Proposal to add timelock proxy for zkBob pools on Polygon and Optimism

Hello zkBob Community,

In our continuous effort to enhance the security measures and streamline our operations, we are excited to share an important development regarding the zkBob pools on both Polygon and Optimism.

1. Implementing Timelock Proxy

To solidify our commitment to security and to boost confidence among our partners, we’re introducing a 24-hour governance timelock on all upgradeability features of the zkBob pools. This means certain actions, like the zkBob pool contract upgradeability and zkBob direct deposit contract upgradeability, will be subjected to a delay, providing an added layer of oversight and protection.

2. Proposal Details

We aim to employ the same timelock contract previously implemented for the BOB Token on both Optimism and Polygon.

  • Only the zkBob Governance Multisig address is permitted to submit delayed proposals.
  • Executing these delayed proposals post-timelock is restricted to the zkBob Governance Multisig and zkBob deployer EOA.
  • A consistent delay of 24 hours is set within the Timelock contract.

It’s noteworthy that any changes to this configuration will also be subject to the prevailing Timelock restrictions.

We appreciate the community’s trust and support as we implement these enhancements. As always, we welcome any feedback, questions, or concerns regarding these changes.

Stay secure,
The zkBob Team

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