Proposal for Utilization of Accrued Protocol Revenue


Since its inception in mid-September 2022, the zkBob Protocol has been successful in generating consistent revenue. A year into its operation, the team is now looking to employ this accrued revenue to fuel the research, development, and enhancement of the protocol. The intention is to transfer all the revenue accrued in Governance Multisig on Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Optimism to Grant Multisig which has been previously used for the Gitcoin round. Subsequently, these funds will be actively used to support the development of the protocol.

Involved Addresses:

Source: zkBob Governance Multisg: 0xd4a3D9Ca00fa1fD8833D560F9217458E61c446d8

Destination: zkBob Grant Multisig: 0x73DcE9348a03975415C6Fa5296e71C1ABaE61407

Thank you for sharing your proposal for the zkBob Protocol’s next steps. It’s great to see that the protocol has been successful in generating revenue over the past year. It’s important to ensure that there is clear communication about how these funds will be used to benefit zkBob and the community. Overall, it’s an exciting step so I support it!


Thanks for this post!

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