Announcing beta deployment of zkBob on Tron Mainnet

Dear zkBob Community,

We’re pleased to inform you that we have made good progress and deployed zkBob on Tron mainnet. zkBob Tron deployment is accessible at

Due to several limitations of the Tron network, we have been forced to make some compromises for this early beta deployment of zkBob on the Tron mainnet. The current beta deployment of zkBob operates on a custodial basis, with off-chain proof calculations. This means that, unlike our deployments on Polygon and Optimism where proof checks are conducted on-chain, the Tron version will have transfer and tree update proof checks disabled in the contract. The sole verification will be performed off-chain by a relayer.

We acknowledge that this approach, while operationally efficient, may not be ideal but this solution is offering a degree of privacy and our goal is to evolve the platform towards a non-custodial model as it is currently the case for zkBob on Polygon and Optimism.

This interim method is primarily chosen for its simplicity and to facilitate a seamless user experience during the beta phase. It is a temporary measure, that enabled us to launch zkBob on the Tron mainnet promptly and thoroughly test all protocol functionalities. At the same time, we are working with the core Tron dev team to deploy a more decentralized solution with onchain proof calculation. These efforts can be followed here: and here: feat(precompiles): optimize native implementation of the bn128 precompiles by AllFi · Pull Request #5611 · tronprotocol/java-tron · GitHub

Thank you for your continued support and for joining us on this path toward a more private and efficient blockchain experience.

Warm regards,

zkBob Team