How do you secure privacy in your wallet?

I want to ensure that no one can access information about my transfers within your product. Can you explain how you ensure privacy for all users in your dapp?

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The fundamental concept behind zkBob is to enable the disconnection between two or more 0x wallets using the application. You can deposit a certain amount of tokens into zkBob and subsequently withdraw them to a clean 0x wallet, effectively breaking the transaction chain. This process ensures that no personal information about you or your wallet is revealed, as everything is safeguarded through zero-knowledge proof technology. However, it’s essential to be aware of the following points:

  1. Simultaneous deposit and withdrawal are not recommended. To maintain anonymity, tokens should remain within the pool for a specific duration. Conducting both actions concurrently may potentially expose the connection between your previous and new wallets based on the sum deposited and withdrawn through the zkBob protocol. For more information on the recommended duration for holding your funds within the protocol, please refer to this link: zkBob FAQ - zkBob
  2. The presence of an anonymity set within the pool is crucial. While internal transaction details remain hidden, user privacy can be compromised when entering or exiting the solution if the anonymity set is small. For additional details about the concept of an anonymity set, please consult this link: zkBob FAQ - zkBob

For more comprehensive answers regarding privacy concerns, you can explore the FAQ section in the documentation: zkBob FAQ - zkBob

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